Horizontal Leaves Script Font Custom Pumpkin

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Horizontal Leaves Script Font Custom Pumpkin
  • Two line maximum custom text
  • Realistic looking
  • Use LED lights only

Pumpkins are a classic Halloween decoration that has been part of the fall holiday for years. Show off your decorating style with a carved pumpkin. This custom carved pumpkin will look like you took hours to create and will look wonderful on your front porch as part of your decorations, in the middle of your table or even on your mantle. Great to use as part of your fall decorations. The 2" cutout in the bottom will allow LED lighting to be added and will showcase the design even better.

  • Materials: Plastic and polyurethane
  • Height: 13"
  • Diameter: 34"
  • Colors: Orange and white
  • Flammable (not suitable for use with candles)
  • One line text has maximum ten characters
  • Two line text has maximum eighteen characters, eight on line one and ten on line two